Open Call for Presenters


33rd Annual Industry Liaison Group National Conference: Onward and Upward —
Building the future of Compliance

Times Square | NYC
July 28 – 31, 2015

In order to provide conference attendees with valuable knowledge and actionable ideas during the 2015 ILG National Pre-conference and Conference, breakout sessions will need to align with the AA/EEO Leadership competency clusters.  The goal is to provide conference attendees with tangible resources, skills, and tools to enhance their foundation, build their AA/EEO brand, accelerate their capabilities, and create overall depth with strategic leadership, as seen below (click to enlarge):


If you would like to be a presenter at the 2015 Conference, please review the information that follows regarding:

  • Proposal Deadlines and Milestones,
  • Presentation Selection Guidelines and Protocol,
  • Conference Benefits,
  • Contacts, and
  • Proposal Submission Form.

The 2015 Conference Planning Committee thanks you in advance you for your consideration to help shape the 21st century AA/EEO leader at the Conference, and we look forward to seeing you in July! If you have not registered for the conference yet, please click here.

Presentation sessions will be 75 minutes long, and speakers should build in 10-15 minutes allowance for conferees’ questions, whether it is to be allocated throughout or at the end of their presentation.  Also, to allow for maximum conferee participation, selected presenters should be prepared to present their session during two different time slots on the same conference day.

Proposal Deadlines and Milestones

Please see the information below (click to enlarge) for key deadlines and milestones for the 2015 ILG National Conference Program Committee Selection.  To be considered, please complete the Proposal Submission Form in its entirety.

Presenter Selection Protocol and Guidelines

All presenters at the ILG National Conference shall have the primary objective of providing an educational, developmental, or strategic opportunity for attending professionals that aligns with the 2015 Conference Program learning curricula model.

Presentations shall not include any overt solicitation on behalf of any individual, vendor, product, or commercial activity. If the presenter will be referencing other organizations, they must receive approval of those organizations to include the reference in their materials.

The 2015 ILG National Conference Program Committee will select the 2015 Conference presentations based on several factors of successfully completed applications, which include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Alignment with the AA/EEO Leadership Competency Clusters and overall 2015 ILG National Conference Curriculum Model;
  • Potential for engaging conferees by 1) impacting and/or contributing to current and/or contributing to current and/or emerging practices within the areas of AA/EEO Compliance, and 2) being innovative or creative or taking an innovative look at an old practice;
  • Determination levels of presentation proposal descriptions and content being Targeted, Applicable,and Relevant;
  • Determination of how well conferees can continue to develop skills and knowledge outside of the conference through the inclusion of reference materials, research and/or leading practice materials that support the presentation;
  • Ability for the session content to match the Conference Program session length of 75 minutes.

No presenter is guaranteed an opportunity to speak unless confirmed in writing by the Program Co-Chairs.

If a presenter has been selected, and he/she cannot attend the conference, a 60 day notice will be required.


The 2015 ILG National Conference provides presenters and conferees an opportunity to engage in the sharing of information and leading-industry practices.

Selected Presenters will have their registration fee waived, attending the conference-provided sessions, meals and events at no additional cost. All other expenses will be the responsibility of the presenter, including hotel, transportation or other-related expenditures.

Should a selected presenter require special accommodations, please let us know in advance to assist in programming-related logistics. Requesting for a special accommodation will not have an impact on the selection process.


For information, questions, or concerns related to the 2015 Conference Program Proposal Submission Process, please contact either of the Conference Program Co-Chairs:  Jason Capili ( or Nora Vele (